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Apple iPhone 12 64GB Blue Unlocked

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If you're looking for a good value on an iPhone or a replacement phone for a family member then I'd consider a renewed iPhone.
Had the phone for a bout a week now and the hardware feels great - I feel confident that the battery is at least at the 80% level that they say it is.
There is also some scuff marks on the sides where the phone was potentially rubbing on something Both of these extremely minor gripes vanish when I put on a screen protector and a phone case.
The battery life is superb- it is 6:10 PM now and It's battery is at 75% without charging and with a decent amount of use during today I really am enjoying the phone so far, however if anything changes, I will probably edit this review.
Just transferee my data to my iPhone 12 I just purchased from here now my screen black.
Phone came with a broken ear speaker.
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This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks. The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a generic (Mfi certified) charger and charging cable. Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.

Positive summary

I ordered a renewed and unlocked iPhone 12 with 128 GB of storage from Amazon.
The phone's front is in excellent condition. There are no scratches at all on the front glass. There are barely any scuffs on the back—I mean barely any. Calls, texts, and messages are sent normally. The camera is in excellent condition and produces beautiful images. A brand-new iPhone with the same storage costs around $50 more than this model of the updated iPhone. Consider a refurbished iPhone if you're looking for a decent deal on an iPhone or a phone for a family member. It's a successful choice. No frills, came as promised, the phone felt used for a few months before being replaced by a newer one. You would never know the phone was refurbished despite the fact that it did not arrive in an iPhone packaging. There are no defects at all. charger and cord were included. The battery life charges to 100%, which is the best part. This was purchased for my teenage son who has been requesting an iPhone. I could not possibly afford a new one, and I am unwilling to be bound by a network contract. My phone is in perfect working order and came entirely unlocked. The sound clarity was first iffy, but that might have been been me as it is now flawless, so I believe that is the only issue.

Negative summary

However, I could not transfer my data and apps from my other iPhone.
A broken ear speaker was included with the phone. For whatever reason, neither speaker passed the "20-Point Inspection Test Certificate" inspection required by Amazon Renewed. According to the attached photo, the ear speaker has obvious damage. With this essential component broken, the phone cannot be used as a regular phone. This phone will be returned by me; very unsatisfactory. It works! After pressing the top and bottom volume buttons twice and holding the power button down for ten seconds, everything worked out. WHEW! If this occurs to anyone else, try this—it will resume on its own! The ear speaker that came with the phone is obviously broken. According to the attached photo, the ear speaker is definitely damaged and needs to be tested. It isn't set up to make phone calls, therefore you can't use it for that. My iTunes app was unable to recognize it either. My iPhone 12's screen is now black after I recently transferred my data to it. If I can't get it to function, I want a refund. No matter how hard I press the button, it remains black, but when I unplug it and plug it back in, it makes a noise. UPDATED!! It operates! I had first pressed the bottom Volume button before the top.
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