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Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB Blue Unlocked

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I took the risk of buying a renewed iPhone 12 mini because of 3 reasons: about the same usable screen size as iPhone 6s Plus; the much lower cost (~$200 cheaper than new); and I was confident that I could do some repairs on it if it were to fail.
Received the phone ahead of the delivery date and it came with a USB-A Lightning cable (and I think a power brick, but I don't remember) There was just one very minor scratch on the front glass that is only noticeable with the screen off and if you really paid attention.
The camera works perfectly and the battery health is at 84% which is a great health rate for him, and a used phone in general.
The blue color is beautiful, and the mini is just the right size for me, as I was upgrading from a iPhone 7. Transferring my info from the previous phone was quick and easy.
It took a little getting used to not having the fingerprint ID and home button, but the face ID is almost instantaneous. Photos are fantastic, and the detail is amazing.
Overall, I am very pleased with this phone for the price It's still higher than I like to pay, but refurbished was much cheaper, and it was a long past-due upgrade..
As for the phone itself, I love the 12 mini's size, the screen looks great, it's just so much more pleasant to handle than the other, much taller flagships.
The screen and camera lenses are perfect, not even a scratch on them, so that's a plus.
Just be aware that when you buy "renewed," there will most definitely be varying degrees of condition.
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Fully unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US-Cellular, Cricket, Metro, etc.) It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic.

Positive summary

The condition of this phone is AMAZING.
This phone is in AMAZING condition. I don't even want to call the about six cosmetic concerns that there are cosmetic issues. Every component in this phone appears to have been completely tested by Apple or has simply not been replaced. The battery health is at 84 percent, which is excellent for him and a used phone in general, and the camera functions well. I recently upgraded from an iPhone 7, and the blue hue is gorgeous. The mini is also the perfect size for me. Apps open swiftly and operate effectively, and the sound quality is good. The face ID is nearly immediate, however it took some getting accustomed to not having the fingerprint ID and home button. Text message autocorrection and voice recognition appear to be more accurate than on my 7 as well. Sometimes waking up is a little sluggish. Before it swipes open, it needs a few attempts. And Siri seems to have greater trouble understanding me or responding with correct information, though perhaps it just needs some time to get used to my voice. Overall, considering the price, I am really happy with this phone. Even though the price is still greater than I prefer to pay, upgrading to a refurbished model was long overdue.
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