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Apple iPhone 12 Pro 256GB Pacific Blue Unlocked

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The charger and cable they ship with it are not good as the cable can't sync with itunes and the charger is very low power but you can pick up both for very low cost pretty much anywhere
I was stuck with a Motorola G4 for almost a year and a half and that phone took a beaten and I finally got tired of it lagging and been a bit of an annoyance to navigate.
All they needed was to wrap it around with some foam and the phone got to me in one piece, looked brand new.
I haven't bothered the face recognition is enough.
Literally even as far as your arms can reach I've gotten myself an Apple Watch lately the 7 specifically and they go hand in hand love them both.
Really upset about that and tried to call Amazon to resolve the issue and ask them to make the changes to reflect what i bought they failed to do so!
I would buy a new iPhone somewhere else instead of this oldest used iPhone one listed by that sceller.
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The iPhone 6 is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks. Includes a brand new, generic charging cable that is certified Mfi (Made for iPhone) Also includes a SIM tray removal tool but does not come with headphones or a SIM card.

Positive summary

Love the phone.
I was forced to use a Motorola G4 for about a year and a half, and the phone took a beating until I finally got sick of how slow and annoying it was to use. This phone is spotless, reliable, and expertly constructed. I blew my friend's mind when I demonstrated to him how to use the cameras in SELFIE mode to capture images in the dark. Even though it is a reconditioned phone, there are no dents or scrapes on it. I unwrapped it, and it appeared to be very smooth and clean. Would have preferred the entire "fresh out of the box" experience. However, I'm not grumbling. They did a good job of locking it. Although the package may not contain bubble wrap, the phone is still sturdy. I promise I didn't even need to squint my eye. And the camera is sharp. IPHONE 12 PRO IS SIMPLE TO USE FOR NEW USERS. Programs, data, and pictures were transferred in 99 percent of cases. PROGRAMS, DATA, and PHOTOS WERE 99 PERCENT APPLE CERTIFIED. I found no scratches, dents, or dinges, and the battery life was 96%. LIKE A NEW CAMERA OUT OF THE BOX, THAT'S HOW IT WAS. IMAGES IN THE ALBUM A HUGHE PLUS CAN ALSO BE EDITED.

Negative summary

Although i really liked the phone which clearly says (RENEWED PREMIUM) i noticed on the order details it says (NEW) and because of that the warranty (Replace/Refund) was not showing 1 year for premium renewed products instead it was showing 90 days!
For premium renewal products, the warranty (Replace/Refund) showed 90 days rather than 1 year! I was quite concerned about that and tried to contact Amazon to rectify the problem and request that they make the changes to reflect what I purchased, but they were unable to do so! I am returning this and putting a fresh order in the hopes that there won't be a problem this time because I expect premium service if I pay a premium amount. I don't want you to commit those errors. Instead of this oldest used iPhone listed by that seller, I would purchase a new iPhone elsewhere. The only error I made was purchasing the used iPhone that was advertised as being renewed. I wouldn't advise someone to do that; instead, I would suggest finding a different vendor to get a brand-new iPhone. I don't work in sales. Just make sure I receive my money's worth, please. I want to receive the very best service possible. I'm a consumer. Amazon is great. I won't ever return to a store. I'm hoping that this is my final purchase from them. For a very long time, I won't be making another purchase from them. To get my iPhone back would be wonderful.
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