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Apple iPhone XS 64GB Space Gray Unlocked

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I have no hate for Apple, but charging $250 for Apple care on phones is just not an option for me.
The phone's battery has been consistent, I charge it for about 2-3 hours every 24-36 hours if I'm using the phone heavily throughout the day, and every 48 if not.
If I did not already have Bluetooth headphones, and received Amazon Visa discount points, I would have returned.
To my dismay, my phone started getting VERY hot for no reason, then my screen started going out.
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This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks. The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a generic (Mfi certified) charger and charging cable. The phone is guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.

Positive summary

im glad i bought renewed product, iphone xs 512gb for 539.99$. the seller i bought from is buyspry, this is my second phone i purchased from that seller and im very pleased with my purchase, im definitely not scared to buy renewed products on amazon anymore.
Before buying the renewed iPhone XS off of Amazon, I had only bought brand new apple products from the Apple store. I would have never considered using an alternative site, until Apple raised it's prices on Apple Care. Amazon offers their own version of repair care for only $88.99 (comparable to Apple's old policy).Overall, if you're like me and you don't need the latest version of smartphones, but know you need an accident protection plan, then just get the Amazon renewed iPhones. It will save you hundreds of dollars and is absolutely worth it! Reasonable delivery time: ordered on 1/4, delivered on 1-9. Phone received in excellent condition. No case scratches, scuffs, or dings. Screen had one very small, very light swirl scuff that isn’t noticeable unless held in a certain position with the device turned off. When device is on and screen is displaying the scuff is not visible. Most importantly, phone is fully functional. Phone. received with an indicated battery life of 87% maximum capacity, which I find acceptable for a “refreshed” phone. Considering a ‘refurbished’ unit from Apple’s site was considerably more than this unit’S cost, I think this phone was a good deal.

Negative summary

To my dismay, my phone started getting VERY hot for no reason, then my screen started going out.
This is 3.5 months after purchase. It did come with a nice screen protector on it. It also worked with my ATT sim card. One - It comes in a weird box. Two it had more scuffs and scratches than I’d like for the price. Three - I had to return it because of how over all lame it came and how it showed up/ battery was pretty warn/scratches/ and I didn’t get the awesome feeling of unboxing it. Mine had a cracked camera flash in the back side. I returned it immediately as I received it. Why would Amazon allow these kind of low quality stuff. And you need to pay for the return, of a faulty product. And I'm actually a law student and you can bet as soon as I pass the bar, I'm filing an "implied warranty" suit out of principal; look it up if you've ever been told something is "out of warranty" but feel like it was 'supposed' to last at least that long. why would Amazon Allow These kind ofLow quality stuff? Why wouldAmazon allow thesekind of lowquality stuff. and why would I return it? I'm not out $500 that I paid for a cheap knockoff.
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