Google Pixel 6 5G 128GB Stormy Black Renewed Google Pixel 6 5G 128GB Stormy Black Renewed Google Pixel 6 5G 128GB Stormy Black Renewed Google Pixel 6 5G 128GB Stormy Black Renewed image

Google Pixel 6 5G 128GB Stormy Black Renewed

65 reviews
I love everything about this phone, but today I accidently put it in the washer with a load of laundry. It went through the entire cycle
I love this phone, I was nervous weil Is a renewed product, but it ist practically new, the box all was there. Only you muss be careful the seller
This phone is helping me get rid of SCAM callers without me having to talk to them (my favorite feature right now) The company I bought it from is amazing
Screen responsive is great but Swype is terrible, the worst I've ever experienced with a Droid. Screen navigation is awkward and imprecise
It took two hours to fully charge, then once it did, the battery was quickly depleting with minimal to no use
This was supposed to be a renewed phone, inspected and ready for resale. However the camera displays undulating green and yellow bands through
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3.9 / 565 *


6.4" AMOLED, 90Hz, HDR10+, 1080 x 2220 pixels, 20:9 ratio, Android 12, 4614mAh Battery, Includes: Phone, Data Transfer Dongle, USB Cable. Does NOT contain Charger Cube. 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM, Octa-core, Google Tensor (5 nm), Mali-G78 MP20.

Positive summary

Google made an incredible Job with this phone
With this phone, Google did a fantastic job. This is the first phone in which I took a risk and spent money. This phone allows me to block SCAM callers without having to speak with them (my favorite feature right now). The company from which I purchased it is fantastic. I was under the impression that it came with a SIM card removal tool. It didn't work out. It's a nice phone. Google phone features must be configured and do not always function in the same way as Samsung or iPhone features. However, once set up, it is a good phone. It has a less sensitive touch screen (I don't use screen covers) and gets around 70% of the battery life. It also contains a bug that causes blocked call transcripts to appear in your text messages! Even though the Pixel 6 has a superior camera and WiFi 6 (which most people won't notice), the 4A 5G was a better deal, particularly around Black Friday. I upgraded from a OnePlus 7 Pro to this. The phone's battery life has greatly increased, and it feels fantastic. Because there is no facial ID yet, I'm giving it a one-star rating, however the finger sensors are excellent. Make sure to acquire a Google-approved screen protector, as cheap Amazon protectors will not function. If you're looking to upgrade to a OnePlus7 or lower, I recommend it, but I do miss the alert slider.

Negative summary

The camera is great but Swype is terrible, the worst I've ever experienced with
The camera is excellent, but Swype is the worst I've ever encountered on a Droid. It took two hours to fully charge the battery, and once it was charged, it quickly depleted with little to no use. The Google voice assistant training has been poor; with my last Droid, a Moto G pro, it was much better. It replicated the lack of wired earphones and a standard charger. The camera is terrible, and the object removal effect is a farce. If you want to be continually bothered, the Google Pixel 6 is the phone for you. Mine will be returned. Despite the positive evaluations, this has been a really unpleasant experience. It's been packaged and will be returned for a refund. In the future, I'll just buy a new Motorola instead of renewing my phone. I'm lucky if I get 10 hours out of a charge, and I'm not doing anything power-hungry like streaming video or gaming. It's clear that no one glanced at the camera before calling this phone "renewed." This is the device's major function, and it should have been checked. I've had this phone for nearly a month and it's still not working properly. When I first got the phone, it worked for three days and then stopped working.
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