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Google Pixel 6 Pro 5G 128GB Stormy Black Unlocked

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After so many fails to convince myself that I deserved the pricey S22 Ultra, and several weeks waiting for an unimpressive Oneplus 10 Pro launch, I took a look to the GP 6 and must admit I never expected it was that good.
I decided for the Pro model because of the higher resolution, 12 GB, and telephoto.
Camera Quality: Better than what I expected as well, point and shoot shots are pretty good but using what the camera app has to offer will produce above average results, plus it's fun.
Other than that, the fingerprint reader kind of sucks.
I miss having a tactile identifier for it so I don't have to look at the phone before I unlock it.
Bought this to replace an aging Pixel 3A XL.
First, the battery life is absolutely terrible.
I feel like even at 550$ after a partial refund its still way overpriced when you could buy a 2-300$ Xiaomi and basically have the same experience with no bugs, then upgrade it every 2 years 3-4 times and itd still cost you less than this single phone alone.
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Unlocked Android cell phone gives you the flexibility to change carriers and choose your own data plan. The new, redesigned Pixel 6 Pro is the smartest and fastest Pixel yet. The powerful Google Tensor processor is the first processor designed by Google and made for Pixel.

Positive summary

The fingerprint reader is not as reliable as the old style on the back of the older pixels.
The Google Pixel 6 Pro is a fantastic and enjoyable gadget. No update issues, flawless finger print reader with or without a protection after a few scans, fantastic battery life, and a wide variety of cases and accessories available. If you play games or use the internal storage, be sure to choose a slightly larger storage version. It's worth thinking about just for the camera. Amazing photographs can be created with excellent telephoto, wide-angle, and standard lenses in conjunction with camera software. Really cool is the curved screen. Before upgrading, I had an iPhone 5s. Significantly better for me. Since I bought it a few months ago, this phone has continued to astound me with the things it is capable of. Additionally, it wirelessly charges, can easily handle the games I play, and takes excellent images. When you play games with greater graphics, it does tend to get hot, but it can still handle them without lagging. This is a SNAPPY thing. Get one; you'll be impressed, I'm sure! Unexpectedly, I found there was no expandable storage, which makes me concerned for the lifetime of this premium device despite its cutting edge features and solid construction. The initial impression is favorable. Both the picture and the screen seem fantastic. The fingerprint scanner functions well, and the camera is good.

Negative summary

Bought this to replace an aging Pixel 3A XL.
The phone falsely claims "airplane mode" and "no network." I try to make a call 8 out of 10 times, which is very common on the e-sim. Despite being active in the settings and functioning otherwise, my hardware sim is now entirely offline and never manages to connect to a network (checked on an iphone, perfectly fine) It runs really hot. It was so warm that I couldn't keep it in my pocket. The camera isn't any more effective than my previous model either. The price is NOT justified. Even at 550$ with a partial return, it's still outrageously overpriced when you could purchase a Xiaomi for between $300 and $400 and essentially get the same experience with no issues, then update it three to four times every two years for a cost that would be less than the price of this one phone alone. I can now affirm that Google does not merit the faith we consumers have placed in them while excitedly awaiting the release of this phone. Instead, get an S22, iPhone, or just about anything else. Purchased to replace an outdated Pixel 3A XL. First first, the battery life is atrociously poor. Even while using it as a passive phone, I couldn't achieve 24 hours of operation without a charge. I got less than 20 hours of use out of it after I started using it for other things like a game and music. Not at all acceptable.
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