OnePlus 10 Pro 8GB + 128GB Volcanic Black Unlocked OnePlus 10 Pro 8GB + 128GB Volcanic Black Unlocked OnePlus 10 Pro 8GB + 128GB Volcanic Black Unlocked OnePlus 10 Pro 8GB + 128GB Volcanic Black Unlocked image

OnePlus 10 Pro 8GB + 128GB Volcanic Black Unlocked

40 reviews
The 10 Pro is a solid improvement worth trying despite sacrificing RAM and storage.
The SuperVOOC charging is neat, but not really that impressive compared to the 9 Pro.
The all-black looks sleek with the shiny metal frame and matte back.
It comes with Oxygen OS 12 (Android 12), Color OS is only non US Models.
I do not like the front camera lens location it's in the upper left corner of the display, the 7+ had a pop-up lens.
This is not worth 900$ +tax for a phone that has the same features as the 9 or 9 pro.
Unfortunately the phone won't update.
And the software is TERRIBLE.
Charge, Transfer Files / Android Auto, and Transfer Photos When I plugged it into my car with AA, I see it starting on my car's display, but the pop up still appears on the phone.
When using Android Auto over the wireless connection, it actually works great, but then the phone seems to give up ever wanting to connect to my known wifi networks again.
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Powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, the 10 Pro is capable of blazing-fast 5G speeds. [5G network only compatible with TMO, Verizon, Google Fi, Mint Mobile] *5G available in selected areas.

Positive summary

I've been shopping around for a new phone for over an month, I was tossed between the S22 Ultra and the OnePlus 10 Pro the issue was cost.
Today, the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G came (5-30-22) The front camera lens is in the upper left corner of the display, which I dislike; the 7+ featured a pop-up lens. The majority of folks are dissatisfied with the 128GB storage restriction and 8GB RAM; nevertheless, if you are a photo/videophile, you already have cloud storage. In a Windows PC environment, you can go into settings and install virtual RAM. This is called "Pagefile," and the factory settings are for 3 GB virtual RAM (see image). You can add or delete if you wish to customize it. There are third-party widgets that operate better, and I used one of them. I am extremely pleased with this purchase for the price; yes, I wish they had more capacity than 128, but I use many cloud storage services, and if you have a paid Amazon account, you can upload unlimited original size photos, but only 5GB of video. I have over 106,000 photographs on Amazon, and you can get unlimited photo/video uploads on Facebook if you set the album folders to "private." For my films, I post them to my YouTube account as an unlisted video. All of my apps (I have 254) had desktop shortcuts, and it took me a long time to organize them into folders.

Negative summary

I wanted to love this phone so badly.
There's a lot to like about this phone on paper. The hardware is fantastic. It would be ideal if they simply installed a stock Android OS on this device. Unfortunately, they didn't. Furthermore, the software is HORRIBLE. It's crawling with bugs. Call redirection on Google Voice isn't working. The functionality of Wifi to reconnect to known networks is broken by wireless Android Auto. Color science is unique to the 3.3x Telephoto camera. It's not the same as the others. The main camera is extremely good, and the wide is quite wide. There are no false bokeh effects in the photographs that were taken using the phone. That's just the lens and sensor's inherent blurring DOF. I definitely adore the silent/vibrate/ring physical switch as someone who is picky about user experience. Benchmarks for CPU/GPU are excellent, on par with flagships that cost more. After the awful on-screen fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S10, this one restores my faith in fp readers. - The display is attractive and clear. - Surprisingly good battery life. I really wanted to like this phone. Even though LG has exited the phone market, flagship killers such as Oneplus are still available to take on the telecom industry's bullies.
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