OnePlus 8T5G 12GB 256GB Aquamarine Green Unlocked OnePlus 8T5G 12GB 256GB Aquamarine Green Unlocked OnePlus 8T5G 12GB 256GB Aquamarine Green Unlocked OnePlus 8T5G 12GB 256GB Aquamarine Green Unlocked image

OnePlus 8T5G 12GB 256GB Aquamarine Green Unlocked

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I received the exact device I expected to get, which was an aquamarine OnePlus 8T+ (the + meaning the 5G model).
The main issue with mine was that the camera bump was very grimey upon arrival, but a microfibre cloth and some rubbing alcohol cleaned it up no problemThe phone is fast, and battery life is in line with brand new devices.
The 12GB RAM capacity and 256GB internal storage and improved performance compensate for everything but the wireless charging.
The 5G works fantastic.
Hooked it up to my home wi-fi, entered her email and password, answered a couple questions, and boom, her phone appears on her new phone.
With TracFone, it will work, but you may get the run around like I did.
So I ordered with high hopes that the guaranteed "80% of original battery life guaranteed" would still be pretty good, but within an hour of booting up the phone I lost 20% of the battery (just doing basic settings changes and logging into accounts on half brightness).
A five hour battery life of light use is NOT reasonable for this price range for a "new" or even "renewed" phone.
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Product Type -Cellular Phone -Package Quantity-1.Package Dimension-9.649999990157 inchesL X 3.8199999961036 inchesW X 2.4399999975112 inchesH X 1.28088574222 Lbs.

Positive summary

This is my second OnePlus 8T. I purchased one for myself 10 months ago.
As said, Amazon refurbished items look and function like brand-new items. Charger and packaging are both generic. Everything bar the wireless charging is made up for by the 256GB internal storage and 12GB RAM capacity. The phone has many features. also simple to root. Charging happens quickly if you use the right AC adaptor. When 5G is available, the phone operates flawlessly on 4G. (not available in our neighborhood yet). This item was refurbished by Amazon and seemed to be in brand-new shape. There were no blemishes or defects that I could see. If it was previously owned, Amazon did a fantastic job of repairing it. It functions effectively across the board and moves quickly. It features a good camera and a great screen (s). Face recognition and the on-screen fingerprint reader are error-free. Excellent glass screen protector installed by the manufacturer After 10 months, it is still using the original screen protector. It is unbroken and unchipped. No remorse. Get one. I heartily endorse this phone because it is amazing. My second OnePlus 8T is this one. Ten months ago, I bought one for myself. The first was bought brand-new. The second I just took for my wife. She did discover a few things that required passwords, but so far, no problems have been encountered.
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