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Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless

69630 reviews
Good sound quality with satisfying bass and clear highs
Secure fit that stays in place during workouts and can be worn while lying down
Great connection with no drops or glitches
Improved battery life compared to Air Pods with the ability to use one bud at a time
Consistent charging issues with the right earbud
The same issues persisting in a new pair of earbuds
Apple/Beats' lack of in-store support for Beats products
Sweat causing corrosion on the earbud metal contacts, which is not covered by the warranty
Average Product Score
4.5 / 569630 *


Introducing totally wireless high-performance earphones with up to 9 hours of listening time, adjustable earhooks for comfort & stability, sweat & water resistance, volume & track controls on each earbud, and powerful balanced sound with noise isolation. Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth for an extended range and fewer dropouts.

Positive summary

Powerbeats Pro: The Best Sounding Buds with Great Battery Life and Secure Fit
After some initial discomfort and disappointment with the sound quality, the Powerbeats Pro headphones turned out to be a great investment. Finding the right size of silicone tips and adjusting to the Comply Sport tips made all the difference in terms of comfort, and the sound quality is now excellent. The bass is satisfyingly strong without being overwhelming. Plus, the fit is secure and they won't fall out of your ears, making them perfect for workouts. While the case is larger than that of Air Pods, the improved battery life makes up for it. Overall, the Powerbeats Pro are a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality, convenient headphones.

Negative summary

Charging issues persist even after Apple's acquisition of Beats
High hopes for the Apple/Beats earbuds after giving them a second chance, but unfortunately, they experienced the same charging issues as before. Even after attempting to exercise the warranty, the reviewer discovered that Apple doesn't do anything in-store with the Beats products and instead ships them away. The reviewer found that the issue was likely due to sweat causing a microscopic amount of corrosion over time, which is a known problem that some states have taken up in a class action suit. The reviewer wishes that Apple/Beats would improve this issue or make it clear that a problem could develop, as "sweat-resistant" is a generous term. Overall, the reviewer recommends that buyers beware and notes that the earbuds need to be nursed like a baby.
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