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3D Glasses 144Hz All DLP-Link 3D Projectors

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My favorite DLP link glasses for picture quality, field of view (lens size and shape) and comfort were unable to sync to the DLP-link flash at projected picture sizes of more than 24 inches or so.
Normally I wouldn't like them as much because of the narrow lenses (from top to bottom), but for their low-light sensitivity and the price point, they deserve 5 stars.
I opened the box and found a nice zippered case that includes the glasses, a cleaning cloth, a small printed instruction sheet, and a USB charging cord.
I wear glasses and these fit comfortably over my prescription lenses and frames.
If you want 3d shutter glasses that are made and function really well for a great price, these are the real deal.
I love that a protective case and charging cable, cleaning cloth is included.
There is a diagonal shadow in center of both lens, the rest of the lens area looks greenish.
I worried it was my player or projector, until I bought a pair of the 'Ultra-Clear HD' that say 'Ultimate 3d Heaven' on the box (ugh, these names).
If these had worked right, I still would pay the few extra bucks for the better field of vision and comfortMy setup: 120 projector screen, BenQ HT3550, and a PS4 or Sony UBP-X700 for playing the disks run through a Yamaha Home Theater receiver.
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Active Shutter 3D Glasses use "DLP Link" as their sync method. Compatible with Optoma/BenQ/Acer/Vivitek/Panasonic/Dell/Viewsonic/LG/Samsung/Mitsubishi dLP-link projectors.

Positive summary

I was so pleasantly surprised with these active shutter DLP-Link 3d glasses!
The DLP-Link 3d glasses with active shutter are extremely light and comfortable. The rechargeable battery and circuitry are housed in a larger nosepiece. The frames are made of a durable polycarbonate that has a matte, "spank-me" type of rubber finish on the outside. In the dark, the power on button is located on top of the nosepiece and is easy to locate with your finger. The on/off button serves a second purpose in that it may be used to reverse the shuttering on the lenses if the 3d effect on the screen is reversed with only a single tap when the glasses are on. Finally, they come with blue zipped cases that provide some protection because they are relatively firm. They were charged rapidly with a mini-USB cable and are expected to last for 12 hours. Cables for charging are included. The cases that come with them are attractive, and the glasses themselves appear to be robust despite their low weight. There is no discernible ghosting in the 3D. These glasses are comfortable to wear over my prescription lenses and frames. I strongly advise you to give them a shot! These glasses are quite impressive, especially considering the price. The lenses are crystal clear and do not darken the image as much as other types of glasses do.

Negative summary

Went and bought two of these given the high reviews / price point - I was hoping that all DLP Link glasses worked equally well with all DLP projectors, but the bottom line with these glasses is that a good 3D image wasn't happening with either of the two glasses shipped.
Neither of the two glasses that were sent delivered a good 3D view. Rather of any form of 3D effect, there was a constant dark flicker. This issue could be caused by them not being tuned to a BenQ projector. The Boblov spectacles were a little more uncomfortable, squeezing the top of the nose a little. The field of vision wasn't as fantastic - because they curve along the bottom of the lens and attach along the top, you'll be seeing a lot of the floor in addition to the screen, which isn't ideal even if the 3d image works. Instead, I recommend the Ultra-Clear HD glasses, however it's a shame that figuring out what works best with your equipment is such a pain. I would still spend a few additional dollars for a wider field of vision and comfort if these had worked properly. If this had worked, I would have paid the extra money for the better field of vision and comfort, but not for the 3D glasses. My system consists of a 120-inch projector screen, a BenQ HT3550, and a PS4 or Sony UBP-X700 for playing discs, all of which are connected to a Yamaha Home Theater receiver.
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