Sintron 2X 3D RF Glasses Eyewear 2 Pairs Sintron 2X 3D RF Glasses Eyewear 2 Pairs Sintron 2X 3D RF Glasses Eyewear 2 Pairs Sintron 2X 3D RF Glasses Eyewear 2 Pairs image

Sintron 2X 3D RF Glasses Eyewear 2 Pairs

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I bought a Sony 3D about 6 months ago and only now got around to actually buying a 3D player and the glasses.
"It's still amazing to me that Sony would still charge $80 for a pair of 3D glasses for a feature that only on their highest-end televisions. Save yourself $50 and pick these up..
I bought these as a more economical alternative to the Sony TDG-BT500A glasses, and on that front, they score a perfect five stars.
The lenses are slightly smaller than the Sonys, but this in no way interferes with the TV screen.
Bottom line: if I'm going to bust the frames on my 3D glasses, I'd rather pay $15 to replace them instead of $55.These are a great alternative to the more expensive Sonys and make it far cheaper to outfit a large family or host a movie night with friends.
But the value in these is in their price and excellent performance.
YES cheaper-but you pay for what you get--these are just cheeeeap.
There uncomfortable and having NO side coverage-hard to see out of.
These do work just fine, but the plastic ear pieces that hold them on your head are cheap and flimsy.
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Support 2015 to 2022 latest 3D TVs of Sony/Samsung/Panasonic, and Epson RF Projectors, RF communication method, work without emitter. Detachable Arms, light design, 27g only. Auto power off function, energy efficiency, Button battery supports 100 hours continuously working time.

Positive summary

You need to use some kind of softening means like even some small piece of tissue paper to make this comfortable for the nose.
These are not rechargeable, but with a battery life of 60 to 100 hours for replaceable batteries and two batteries so you have a backup in case one dies, they're still a good deal. Stems are more delicate and imperfect, but they accomplish the job. To make the nose piece less harsh and heavy on the nose, use some form of softening measures, such as a little piece of tissue paper. Why? The fact that these 3d glasses are heavy and have the battery compartment over the nose is a disadvantage. The stems are also removable and may need to be squeezed together as if putting it back together before usage. After about six months of use, all of the name brand rechargable glasses failed to charge. Most likely as a result of design defects or incorrect or short-life recharging cycle usage. Perhaps having them plugged in while viewing movies lowered the recharging time. Perhaps the stem and inexpensive internal construction collapsed as a result of the Samsung glasses' stem slapping. When removing the stems, they would sometimes snap back together, and the G shock would destroy the NAME BRAND SAMSUNG glasses, or so it appeared. As far as I'm concerned, they never recharged long enough to justify their higher price.

Negative summary

These do work just fine, but the plastic ear pieces that hold them on your head are cheap and flimsy.
The ear pieces that secure them to your head are fragile and inexpensive. Because they don't fold, you'll have to remove them before putting them back in the protective bag. The design of the spectacles was already unpleasant before they broke. The bridge of the nose forms a sharp 90-degree angle with the nose itself. So you'll have a ridge engraved into your nose within 30 minutes of watching a movie, which was distractingly uncomfortable for me. You will need to purchase your own batteries in addition to the glasses. Another issue I failed to mention is that these glasses have very flat lenses with no side protection. As a result, any ambient light from behind you reflects on the lens's rear side. Everything will be OK if you are in a really dark room. However, if you have a light coming from the side or back, it may create a distraction. The glasses go well together and are simple to use. They use a little flat battery that is easy to come by, but it's one that I haven't used in anything else. So now I'm on the lookout for two new rechargeable headphones. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with these and have purchased more pairs. I like that they don't utilize a rechargeable battery and instead use an easily replaceable one.
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