RCA 40-Inch 1080P Full HD LED Flat Screen TV RCA 40-Inch 1080P Full HD LED Flat Screen TV RCA 40-Inch 1080P Full HD LED Flat Screen TV RCA 40-Inch 1080P Full HD LED Flat Screen TV image

RCA 40-Inch 1080P Full HD LED Flat Screen TV

90 reviews
I have 4 Tv,s 2 RCA and 2 Samsung, and if you take care of them they will last a very long time.
My wife had a lot of trouble with the "Smart" TV we have so I decided to purchase a "Dumb" TV and it is Awesome plus my wife if very happy and takes a lot of pressure off of me.
I am not usually critical of things so I feel the picture quality is good.
It worked great for 7 months and now it does not work at all.
I thought RCA was a good company but I guess not.
Now the issues: The sound quality on this set is tinny, low volume, and completely unacceptable.
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4.3 / 590 *


Built-in HDMI, USB Port, VGA, and RF Cable/Antenna Jack Input. Hook it up to your Computer, Laptop, Gaming device and Cable Box or Antenna. The compact, lightweight design makes it quick and easy to mount on your wall.

Positive summary

Lives up to description and expectation but if your third party seller ships with FedEx then BEWARE.
Even though my signature was necessary, the driver did not knock on the door or do anything to let me know he was there. The light was turned on and the door was open. On the second drive-by, I left a door tag that specified if I didn't get a signature on the third try, the box would be returned to the seller or left for pickup at a FedEx facility. My FedEx and Amazon concerns resulted in delivery, however he did not take the door tag with my signature! I live in a nice neighborhood where there are no Halloween decorations up at that time of year. My house isn't particularly eerie. Crazy. UPS is on its way. My mother is quite particular, and she adored this television; her only blunder was turning off her cable service under the mistaken belief that a new television meant she would have access to all of the channels. No, I said her, turn on the cable again so you can enjoy it. I adore RCA, which I consider to be one of the top brands, as well as Samsung. They will survive a long time if you take good care of them. One of my Samsung televisions was acquired in 2005 and is still in excellent condition. My wife was having a lot of problems with our "Smart" TV, so I decided to get a "Dumb" TV, which is fantastic.

Negative summary

First, the set has a good picture quality.
This set's sound quality is tinny and low-volume, and it's simply unacceptable. The remote does not respond to the on button unless I hammer away with my finger for 10-20 presses, at which point the television turns on. The entire unit is made of plastic, from the front to the back. It reeks of rebranding a low-cost product from another company. Overall, I am quite dissatisfied with the product and am seriously considering returning it. "Does my TV have a built-in DVD player?" There is no DVD player in this room. However, it works well as a television, and I don't want to go through the hassle of returning it when a separate DVD player would be preferable, plus I usually stream now. However, if that feature is vital to you, you may want to choose another device. It functioned perfectly for seven months and then stopped working completely. I tried to get something done from the firm where I bought it, but they were unable to help me. It hasn't even been a year. Worst television I've ever bought!! I tried contacting RCA, but they said they could only be reached by email. There has been no response to my emails to them on a daily basis!! When I play a DVD, I can hear it spinning for the whole of the film. Also, when the volume is set to 100, it sounds like it's set to 5. Unless you're standing right in front of it, you won't be able to hear anything.
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