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TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

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The internal speakers are good (not tinny like most) for a 32 inch TV.
This is my game room/workout room TV.
Picture is great for what it is.
I like that the remote is nice and minimalist.
If you want the TV to double as a computer monitor, for example.
It was impossible to set up the regular cable tv without the follow intrusive tactics: One must open the Roku app on the phone and give personal information.
The tv seemed to react to the remote but the screen never changed.
I returned it to amazon and bought a Samsung.
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4.6 / 520357 *


Easy Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you find movie titles, launch or change channels, even switch inputs, using just your voice. Smart Functionality offers access to over 5,000 streaming channels featuring more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes.

Positive summary

This is my game room/workout room TV.
The Roku OS is much faster than the Roku stick I had for a smaller TV that I no longer use. I have to turn up the volume on the external speakers more than I had to use the Vizo because the loudness is a touch low. For non-music programming, the internal audio is surprisingly adequate. For a fully illuminated room, such as a kitchen, the brightness is enough. Any common signal source can be accepted via HDMI or RF. There's a headphone jack on it, as well as a serviceable remote control. Its sole flaw is its lack of sophisticated calibration options, so you'll have to settle with one of the picture presets. It's certainly worth the mid-100s price point in my opinion if you're feeding it a signal shared with multiple 1080p monitors (since HDMI sources will select the lowest common resolution of all connected displays). If someone broke into my house and took this, I'd immediately replace it with the identical thing. If you're looking for a 32" 1080p TV, this is the most affordable option. Fortunately, it only necessitates a few concessions. 720p is usually sufficient resolution for a tiny TV, which is typically used as a supplementary set in a kitchen or similar location. This model is also available in 720p, which is usually a few dollars less expensive.

Negative summary

However I gave this a one star rating because of the offensive, manipulative and utterly unavoidable hidden marketing scheme that one must succumb to in order to watch the TV.
The picture on Roku TV is crisp and clean. However, I awarded it a one-star rating because to the insulting, deceptive, and completely unavoidable concealed marketing technique that one must submit to in order to watch television. It was impossible to put up standard cable television without resorting to the following intrusive methods: On the phone, open the Roku app and enter personal information. One must accept that Roku has the right to share the information as broadly as he sees fit. Though it is not required, one is prompted to enter credit card account information (which I did not do). One must also navigate a maze of marketing offers. I would not have bought the TV if I had known about all of this beforehand! So, be forewarned and cautious!! The screen exhibited a gradient of white to black from right to left when the television was turned on. The television appeared to respond to the remote, but the image remained static. I sent it back to Amazon and replaced it with a Samsung. Because of the issues listed below, I will most likely return the television. TCL's customer care walked me through the troubleshooting steps, but there was no improvement. I return it to Amazon and purchase a Samsung, then return it to TCL and return the television to Amazon, where I purchase another Samsung. The Roku option page is a step in addition to the Roku choice screen.
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