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Cell Phone Virtual Reality (VR) headsets

26 reviews
Comfortable headset with soft padding and head straps
Adjustable focus knobs for a clear picture
Included manual control joystick for added functionality
The hand controller requires separate batteries, which may be inconvenient for some users
The hand controller has poor performance and can be unreliable
Users must provide their own power brick for charging the headset
The phone centering insert is loose and can easily fall out, which may cause frustration for some users
Poor quality plastic and sharp edges
Earphones have limited range of motion and uncomfortable fit
Hook and loop fastener strips on head straps are too short and improperly placed
Average Product Score
3.8 / 526 *


This VR Empire VR headset is a versatile and comfortable Bluetooth VR headset that can be used with phones, Nintendo Switch, and for VR gaming. It features anti-blue lenses to protect eyes, making it a great choice for kids. Compatible with all phones, this universal VR headset is a top-rated option that offers an immersive experience with auto head-selection button and controllers available.

Positive summary

Affordable VR Headset with Comfortable Design and Great Features
This VR headset is an affordable option for anyone who wants to experience basic VR entertainment. The headset is designed to hold your phone, which you can then use to run any VR app you want. The headset is comfortable to wear, with knobs to adjust focus in several directions to make the picture as clear as possible. The headset also comes with a remote which works fantastically. The reviewer was surprised to find that the headset was of great quality, with soft earphones, excellent sound and solid construction. The padding is also excellent, and the head straps are very comfortable. The headset opens and closes easily and holds the phone securely. The included manual control joystick is also a bonus and works great. Overall, this headset is a great option for anyone looking to dip their toes into VR, with a fantastic design and great features.

Negative summary

Poor Quality VR Headset with Uncomfortable Design
Based on the provided text, it seems that the VR headset being reviewed is of poor quality and sub-par ergonomics. The headset is made of low-grade plastic with sharp edges and the buttons are poorly placed and of low quality. The earphones have poor range of motion and don't conform well to the ears. The headset also doesn't fit well on the face, especially for people who wear glasses with anything larger than a wire frame. The hook and loop fastener strips on the head straps aren't long enough to provide a proper fit. The only positive aspect of the headset is that the optics are acceptable if the headset is in the correct position, and the Bluetooth connection is quick without significant lag. The reviewer concludes by stating that they wouldn't recommend this headset as it lacks a virtual feel.
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