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Google Cardboard (Yincaicheng)

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Great cheap handmade toys
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This Google Cardboard VR Kit is a one-size-fits-all solution that works with phones up to 6 inches, providing stunning, cinematic HD visuals through biconvex lenses. Made from high-quality corrugated paper, it is the best value for its price on the market and compatible with a range of popular smartphones. Share the virtual reality experience with friends and family!

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Fun, fixed cardboard lenses for a unique viewing experience
Overall, the cardboard virtual reality glasses work well and are a ton of fun, making them great cheap handmade toys that kids will enjoy. While the distance of the lenses is fixed, which may cause a slight vision issue, the strap is handy and the product is well received by both an 11 and 13 year old. However, the apps to use with these glasses may not be the best. Nevertheless, these cardboard VR glasses are still a very good handmade toy that your children will love.

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