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Google Cardboard

707 reviews
Easy to find and download virtual reality apps on Play Store
Realistic and impressive roller coaster simulations
Variety of VR experiences to choose from, including outer space
Google Cardboard is a functional and affordable option for VR, despite some minor drawbacks
The nose piece foam provided is way too small and won't stick, causing discomfort and abrasion on the nose.
The cardboard material used for the headset is hard and can dig into the nose bridge, resulting in bruising and discomfort while putting it on or taking it off.
The phone is not held tightly in place, and additional scotch tape may be required to keep it in place during movement.
While it is a good value for testing VR, those who intend to spend significant time wearing VR goggles may want to invest in a more expensive model with appropriate padding for comfort
The cardboard doesn't have the scan code from the picture, making it difficult to set up the VR with apps.
The velcro strap is too short, making it uncomfortable for some users and causing the phone to fall if tilted.
The view is blurry and lacks adjustment on the lens, making it difficult to use for an extended period of time
The alignment of the lenses is off, causing double images, and there is no way to adjust the settings or QR barcode to load the proper settings, resulting in a poor VR experience
Average Product Score
3.3 / 5707 *


Looking for a virtual reality kit that works with phones up to 6 inches? Look no further than this Google Cardboard VR Kit! Our kit is made from AAA grade corrugated paper and includes biconvex lenses for the best cinematic HD visuals. Compatible with all 3.5-6.0 inch smartphones, it's perfect for sharing with friends and family. Experience virtual reality made easier, lighter, and more fun today!

Positive summary

Exploring the Early Stage of Virtual Reality - Roller Coasters and Outer Space
From the feedback provided, it seems like the user had a mixed experience with their 4G LG phone and VR technology. While they encountered some initial difficulties with finding and accessing VR content on the Play Store, they were impressed by the level of skill and artistry displayed by some of the VR experiences they tried. However, the user also experienced some frustration with the VR technology, particularly when using the Google Arts & Culture app. They found the experience difficult to navigate and even experienced claustrophobia, and they suggest that VR headsets should be made to be more plug-and-play with computer screens instead of phones. Overall, the user acknowledges that VR technology is still in its early stages and can be a little rough around the edges, but they believe that it's an important area to explore and keep up with as our lives continue to change and evolve.

Negative summary

Disappointing VR headset with uncomfortable straps and blurry image
This VR headset is not worth your money. Despite the low price tag, the headset fails to deliver a decent VR experience. The strap is too small and uncomfortable, and the viewer is unable to hold the phone in place. The image quality is blurry, and the lenses are not properly aligned, causing double vision and discomfort. There is also no way to adjust the settings or use a QR code for proper calibration. Overall, this headset is a cheap piece of cardboard that will leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated. Spend a few more bucks and get something better.
* Price and rating may vary because we can't collect and update data immediatly. But we work on it!