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Topmaxions Google Cardboard

2788 reviews
Affordable price of only $6 for a VR headset that can give a comparable experience to more expensive ones
Simple and user-friendly setup, requiring no technical expertise or special knowledge to use
The included touch screen button is a clever and effective solution for navigating menus and invoking actions in VR apps
The lenses are fixed and cannot be adjusted for pupillary distance, which may cause a blurry image for some users
The button requires a lot of force to work correctly, which can get stuck if pressed too hard
The headset is uncomfortable to wear for extended periods and needs to be held with both hands to keep it from digging into the nose
No strap provided as advertised and uncomfortable padding material
Lenses are out of focus and cannot be adjusted for distance from phone screen
Image quality is significantly less than phone screen, resulting in grainy and blurry visuals
Average Product Score
3.6 / 52788 *


Positive summary

Inexpensive and Easy-to-Use VR Headset: Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard VR headset is a great way to experience virtual reality without breaking the bank. Users find it easy to use and assemble, and appreciate its value for the price. The headset requires no technical expertise and can be used by adults and kids alike. The headset comes with a cool little button that users can use to navigate through menu items. The VR headset is surprisingly comfortable with the optional foam padding and adjustable head strap. The headset is compatible with a range of smartphones and users can download free VR apps to get started. Users can watch videos on YouTube, and also download the “Within” app for a better quality experience. The headset is made of cardboard but users find that it does the job well as long as it's not exposed to water. It is also a great gift for children and for pranking someone who owns an Oculus. Overall, it is a great starter VR headset that offers a lot of value for its price.

Negative summary

Poorly executed VR goggles with multiple design flaws
These VR goggles are not well executed, with multiple design flaws and poor quality control. Users report that neither of the two units they purchased were acceptable. Unit 1 has issues with staying together, one of the lenses is scratched, and it is difficult to find the focus. Users have to hold the entire unit in place with both hands and squeeze a little to keep the lenses in focus with the phone screen. Unit 2 is not in focus at all, with poor quality control and the phone screen sitting just a fraction of a centimeter off distance, causing blurriness. The button mechanism also suffers from poor quality control, and it is pre-assembled out of the box. There are no instructions to tell users what they need to know about these VR goggles. The nose area is uncomfortable, and it is not designed for people with eyeglasses. The velcro head strap is too small and pushes the eyeglasses up against the user's eyeballs, causing fogging. The positive aspects are that the goggles are cheap and durable. However, users find them uncomfortable for extended periods of time, and they need to keep both hands to their head while using it unless they want it to dig into their nose. The product is an interesting experiment but not suitable for anyone looking for a comfortable go-to gadget. Users find it difficult to adjust for eyeglasses and to find the right video and phone positioning inside the cardboard. Overall, users recommend investing in a better VR set.
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