VR Headset for iPhone & Android (VR Shinecon) VR Headset for iPhone & Android (VR Shinecon) VR Headset for iPhone & Android (VR Shinecon) VR Headset for iPhone & Android (VR Shinecon) image

VR Headset for iPhone & Android (VR Shinecon)

399 reviews
Provides an immersive and impressive surround sound experience for an affordable price
The headset is highly comfortable and lightweight, making it easy to wear for extended periods
The soft touch button and volume control are easy to use, and the headphones connect through a headphone jack
The customer service is amazing, and the product is recommended for its quick learning and flying experience
Lack of QR code for the VR app
Controls are inverted and may take some time to get used to.
Difficult to adjust and return
Poor quality instructions
Problems with focusing and double vision
Limited game compatibility and remote connectivity
Average Product Score
3.4 / 5399 *


Experience immersive 3D videos and games with this VR headset for iPhone/Android phones. It features a comfortable adjustable earphone, 100-degree wide angle view, and independent pupil and object distance adjustment. Compatible with 4-6 inch smartphones, it doesn't require charging and comes with a Bluetooth remote controller for a better effect

Positive summary

Affordable VR Headset with Surprising Sound Quality and Comfortable Fit
Based on the feedback provided, it seems that the VR headset being reviewed is a great product for the price. Users are impressed with the sound quality and comfort of the headset, and find it easy to use. While the picture quality depends on the phone being used, the VR experience overall is quite good. The customer service is also praised by a user. One user mentions that the VR headset produces a realistic and immersive experience. Another user's daughter loves the product and has no complaints. A grandson is also happy with the product. The integrated headphones are appreciated by one user, though they mention that an adaptor for the USB-C connection would have been helpful. Another user wishes the headset was more adjustable for larger head sizes. Overall, the VR headset seems to be a great value for the price and is a good choice for those looking for an affordable personal surround sound VR set.

Negative summary

Tech Review: Products to Avoid Due to Poor Quality and Functionality
The products mentioned in these feedbacks appear to be a total waste of money for the users. They are dissatisfied with the quality and functionality of the VR headset, and it doesn't work well with an iPhone at all. The pictures taken with this VR headset are terrible, and the users found it hard to adjust, return, and get detailed instructions due to poor support. Furthermore, the headset cannot focus, and the movies and games are blurry, which makes the users uncomfortable. Additionally, the remote doesn't connect to the headset, and most games don't work on it, and the visual quality is not the best. Overall, the users are disappointed, and they want to return the product.
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