Fossil Men’s Gen 6 44mm GPS Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Fossil Men’s Gen 6 44mm GPS Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Fossil Men’s Gen 6 44mm GPS Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa Fossil Men’s Gen 6 44mm GPS Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa image

Fossil Men’s Gen 6 44mm GPS Touchscreen Smartwatch with Alexa

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The Snapdragon Wear 4100+ sets it up for significantly improved battery life.
I purchased a watch face called the Pixel Minimum face (as seen in the photo), and i just love it.
It's good enough for google assistant to talk a bit.
Unfortunately, that is part of why the battery may drain faster; for example, you do not need two (2) heart monitoring apps.
In the Wear OS app (on your phone or tablet), you should also disable any notifications you do not need to be sent to your smartwatch.
They did not go cheap on the quality of the watch.
I've been on a bit of a quest to find an alternative to many of the common smart watches.
The watch is more beautiful than I expected and the screen is bright and sharp!
After 2 weeks with the Fossil 6, I noticed I was no longer receiving notifications from Outlook.
My previous cheap smart watch gave me years worth of data for FREE, most of it accessible right through the watch I hardly ever opened the app, and it was only $40 and lasted 2yrs(!)
It charges really fast, if you can get it to charge.
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Smartwatches with Wear OS by Google are compatible with phones running the latest version of Android or iOS. The newest Qualcomm 4100+ chipset brings a 30% enhanced performance. Hundreds of apps from assistant, fitness, contactless payments, music, social, news, stop watches and more.

Positive summary

Reading these reviews, it is clear not everyone knows how to use their smartwatch, which means updating their device.
The Fossil smartwatch is just as nice as the Fossil Gen 5, plus it has a decent battery. Regardless of whether you use Android or Apple, technology isn't perfect. When the "always-on screen" (found in the display setting) is disabled, Fossil's battery lasts well over a day with all features active. They didn't skimp on the watch's quality; I even took a lengthy, hot bath, going a little beyond the swim test, and my smartwatch still functions perfectly. I can use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on the watch, so I get the best of both worlds. The message is straightforward. All I wanted for years was a watch that was as wonderful as this one, but with a battery that didn't suck. This watch is just as wonderful, and it's not too late to maximize your Fossil wristwatch. You can safely uninstall (delete) them, and the system (critical) programs are protected and do not have the option to be removed, so you have nothing to worry about. You should also block any notifications that do not need to be sent to your smart watch in the Wear OS software (on your phone or tablet).

Negative summary

The speaker and being able to use the watch to make calls is a nice added function, but not one i find myself using often enough.
At first glance, keeping track of your health statistics on a daily basis appears to be a good idea. But I can't find any of my past days/weeks numbers on the watch for the life of me. And unless you pay for the premium package, only a few extremely basic features are tracked and available... didn't I already pay? I was very disappointed... I thought I was getting something I'd be pleased to wear, but I haven't touched it in 60 days! Just a little depressing..... 2 stars? I'm quite sure I talked myself down to a 1! I had a Fossil 5E for a little over a year and had no issues with it. The battery life, functionality, and notifications, among other things, were all exceptional. After two weeks with the Fossil 6, I noticed I was no longer receiving Outlook notifications. Not having to take my OP9Pro out of my pocket to check what the email was about was one of my favorite aspects of wearing a smartwatch. I haven't been able to address this problem for months. I've installed the Outlook companion software and reset the watch to factory defaults, but it still won't send Outlook notifications. You'll get roughly 30 hours in your first week if you use it sparingly. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INAPPROPRIATE. How are you going to follow your sleeping patterns regularly when you have to take the watch off EVERY night to charge it?
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