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Garmin Venu Sq GPS Smartwatch Renewed

188 reviews
One of the better lower-priced Garmin watches.
Sleep analytics seem to be be fairly accurate when compared with other sleep trackers.
Edit, using xdrip and xdrip app from garmin app store, I can see my blood sugar, trend line, and probable trend direction, all on the face, at a glance.
And the watch is awesome and comfortable The seller sent some info on their business and a number to call for troubles with it.
I wanted this for distance walking (recommended by distance runner) I didn't want an Apple Watch - fight the power.
After about 6 hours between us trying to get Dexcom to show as a watchface on this we all gave up and I bought a Samsung.
This was the cheapest Garmin that was on the list as being Dexcom compatible (on Garmin's site).
Opened box, turned on, setup my initial profile, showed 83% battery, started customizing widgets and apps and it shut off, not even an hour after receiving.
Plugged in and charging for hours now and no matter what I try, I cant get it to turn on.
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Garmin Connect app requires app on a compatible smartphone. Smart notifications delivered right to your wrist when paired with a compatible phone. Preloaded workouts that include cardio yoga strength and even Pilates create your own in the Garmin Connect app. Package contains Charging Cable Manual and Watch.

Positive summary

I was waiting for the month so I could give a full ride review but my phone keeps pestering me to leave one.
The watch band is comfortable on my large wrist, and it doesn't make my wrist sweat as the iwatch did. It has a comfortable, non-sensitive touch, and I can download a lot more faces, which I like. I bought it for my profession, and when I switched to Android, I needed something a little more rugged than a Samsung smart watch (because I've broken one previously, along with my iwatch). This watch has held up well so far, and the battery life is fantastic. So far, I'm really enjoying it. One of the more affordable Garmin watches. The face is an excellent size for reading while working out. The screen is visible in direct sunlight. When compared to other sleep trackers, sleep analytics appear to be very accurate, especially for spo2 (oxygen saturation) and number of breaths per minute during sleep (important #s during sleep). The battery lasts roughly 4 days, which includes a daily workout. The watch had a few scratches at 6 o'clock when he acquired it, but he bought it used... The crystal does, however, have a small crack in the upper right corner. It should be fine if I can get a protective cover! Was replacing an old Motiv fitness ring, which is sadly no longer manufactured and the only direct competitor (Oura) is unreasonably pricey! I stumbled into this tracker and immediately fell in love with it!

Negative summary

This watch was purchased as through Amazon as a Refurbished/Renewed product.
This watch was purchased as a Refurbished/Renewed product on Amazon. During the first workout, it was clear that it wasn't accurately tracking heart rate. Sleep tracking was off by a long shot, indicating 9 hours while the clock clearly said 7 hours. When it comes to Amazon products, you normally get your money refunded as soon as the package is scanned in at the UPS drop off. This product had to go all the way back to Heartland Tek Group, then be held for two more days before being refunded less than half of the purchase amount. When they sold a device that clearly didn't operate as described, they levied a restocking fee of $60.55. In the future, I will avoid purchasing anything from the Heartland Tek Group. It's on its way back. Over the years as a member, I've come to expect certain things. Not even an hour after getting, I opened the package, turned it on, set up my initial profile, it showed 83 percent battery life, I started customizing widgets and programs, and it shut off. I've had it plugged in and charging for hours and still can't get it to turn on. I'm having trouble getting the watch to work properly.
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